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Video Work

Reece's Fundraiser Video

This Project was created for a very special 6-year-old boy named Reece. He is fighting an extremely rare disease called ADSL. This video was displayed at his fundraiser to raise money for his family's expenses battling Reece's rare disease.

Sol Que Tu Eres- cover

Mexican mariachi song sung by Alexis Arai and Mauricio Hernandez. Music video featuring Alexis Arai and Mauricio Hernandez.

Behind the Scenes Reel

This is a BTS video put together with footage and photos from a pilot episode of a love and relationship show filmed in Omaha, Ne in 2021.

"Fly" - Alexis Arai

Original Song by Alexis Arai. Music Video featuring these beautiful, strong women. 

"Best Friend" Music Video

This is a music video created for the song "Best Friend" by The Guest and the Host.

Motion Graphics

How to Write a Letter

This is a tutorial video demonstrating the basic way of addressing and mailing a letter using motion graphics.

 Green Screen effects

This is a video demonstrating the wonders that green screen technology can do.

LIVE Camera Show

Culture Jam-  LIVE uncut

This was a class project I created to depict a made-up show called Culture Jam, featuring musicians and their music from all over the world. I organized for a local mariachi band to come in and film a live show with me as the host. 

Space Dog

This is an experimental shadow show I created for a class project. Presented at college's Art Show. 

Promotional Videos

Yireh's Cafe Grand Opening

Filmed video and took promo photos for the Grand Opening of this amazing coffee shop in Omaha, Nebraska.

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